Our company is a certified DVBE, SB and we are seeking out companies bidding on public contracts that require participation and/or offer incentives to utilize subcontractors or primes with these certifications. In utilizing our company you can address both the DVBE requirement and reduce labor costs.

On Davis-Bacon and Service Contract government programs, Dean Bennett Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. can help you satisfy the DVBE requirement and help you save money at the same time. You can potentially reduce your wage rate and cut your payroll costs as much as $2000 a year for each employee on government and public works jobs. With as few as 5 employees, you can begin to increase your profits and bid more competitively every year.

Dean Bennett Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. is a financial planning and employee benefits firm. Our owner is a Certified Financial Planner with over 25 years of experience. He is also a disabled veteran. We consult with companies such as yours on how to meet prevailing wage requirements using fringe benefits and we “team” with you to satisfy disabled veteran participation requirements. The Commercial Useful Function or “CUF” is where our expertise in managing and oversight of these plans fits in to insure your company is in compliance with DOL requirements, specific to each contract. You get two benefits from working with us; first our service and expertise, and second, the ability to demonstrate that you can bring disabled veteran participation.

Many contractors are already utilizing this type of benefit programs, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Reduction of labor costs is the name of the game in the competitive bidding process. Over 32 states have prevailing wage contracts as well. All of these regulations involve additional wage and fringe requirements which translate into higher payments of FICA, Unemployment Taxes, Worker’s compensation and Public Liability insurance premiums for your company. We can help you save money using programs that benefit both you and your employees. Whether to reduce the labor portion of your proposals, or to realize greater profits at the end of the job, you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

We have several benefit programs which meet all Department of Labor requirements on David-Bacon, state prevailing wage, Service Contract and Living Wage Ordinance Projects. Many national construction industry associations and members of the ABC and AGC support the benefits of these types of plans.

Our partnership allows you to be competitive, increases your profits, be in compliance and meet disabled veteran participation.


The State of California gives prime contractors incentives for doing business with companies certified as Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Businesses (D.B.), Small Business (S.B.) and Micro Businesses. On these contracts the incentives can be requirements that they have D.V.B.E. participation or they can offer incentives in the form of credit on the bids submitted. So for instance, there are some contracts that state bids with D.V. B.E. participation will be given 10 preference points and that percentage will taken off the bid amount making the DVBE bid lower than the same bid from an non DVBE proposal. Additionally, even on contracts that do not state this preference, bids with this participation are often considered more favorably. Most Large companies ( above 35m gross rev)in California have goals for subcontracting with these types of businesses.

On Contracting the State did qualify a firm if they just gave a good faith effort to find a DVBE company to subcontract or team with. There is no longer the “good faith effort” clause. Therefore companies need to subcontract with certified D.V.B. E. companies in order to participate in these contracts. If our company manages your employee benefit plans you can be able to state D.V.B.E. participation.

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise – D.V.B.E. for State of California
Small Business – S.B.