Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance options include various plans and coverage choices that can make shopping for the best health insurance for you and your family a challenge.

  • What is better, a lower deductible or lower co-payments?
  • What services are provided by which plans?
  • Is my work health insurance plan sufficient for my family’s needs?
  • When does my coverage start?
  • Can I insure just my children?
  • Who can I turn to for help?

Right down to that final question, you can see the challenges of shopping for the best coverage for you and your family.  Navigating today’s complex world of healthcare is no easy task but rest assured the experts at Dean Bennett Insurance Agency are prepared to dig in and find the best possible coverage within your budget.

The choices in family health plans: PPO vs HMO

  • Preferred Provider Organization (or PPO) is a group system of health care organized by an insurance company. Physicians, health care providers of all types, hospitals and clinics sign contracts with the PPO system to provide care to its insured people. These medical providers accept the PPO’s fee schedule and guidelines for its managed medical care.
  • Health Maintenance Organization (or HMO) is a type of group insurance plan. It provides service for these needs through a group of doctors, medical personnel and facilities that work directly for the HMO. The care of its patients is done at its clinics. So, it is necessary for the insured members to live or work in close proximity to the clinics or medical facilities.

Most family health insurance plans operate on an annual calendar year deductible.  This includes coinsurance and an annual out of pocket maximum for covered services. You should be aware that many plans have an additional and separate deductible for brand name prescription drugs.

High Deductible Health Plans that are HSA Compatible

These plans can be PPO or HMO and allow you to open a Health Savings Account and pay for medically related expenses, including your deductible, dental and vision costs with pre tax monies. Other than Preventative Care, you must meet the deductible before you are eligible for benefits or co-insurance. The maximum amounts go up yearly and are regulated by the IRS.

Will my family qualify for a subsidy?

Many families will be eligible for subsidies with the new healthcare plans. To take advantage of the Premium Subsidies, a family’s health plan would need to be purchased on the Exchange.

Dean-Bennett Insurance can help you determine which plan is the best combination of coverage and costs for you and your family.  We take care to evaluate all the options available to you, from private company plans to those on the Exchange when determining the best coverage for your needs.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA, has been unfolding since it was passed by Congress on March 10, 2010. The next phase of this legislation will make it mandatory for all people to have coverage either through an employer or State Exchange. The enrollment in these new plans is scheduled to begin October 1, 2013 to start January 1, 2014.

Is any of this different now that 2014 has arrived and the ACA is in effect?

If you were on an individual or family health plan prior to March, 2010, then your plan is considered “Grandfathered” under the ACA rollout.

Individual and family Grandfathered Plans are not impacted by PPACA.

If you have one of these plans, you can remain on that plan or you can choose to move to one of the new Exchange Plans.

Whatever concerns you have about getting the best possible health insurance for you and your family, give Dean Bennett Insurance Agency a call today and we’ll happily guide you through the current healthcare market answering each question until you feel properly informed.